JNTUH R18 B.Tech Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus 2022


JNTUH R18 B.Tech Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus 2022

Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of  Electronic Devices and Circuits  has 5 units in total. 

Topic and sub-topics of  Electronic Devices and Circuits are mentioned below in detail. If you have any problem in understanding  Electronic Devices and Circuits or any other Engineering Subject in any semester or in any year then you can view the video lectures on the official CynoHub app.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus Unit 1

Diode and Applications: Diode – Static and Dynamic resistances, Equivalent circuit, Load line analysis, Diffusion and Transition Capacitances, Diode Applications: Switch-Switching times.

Rectifier – Half Wave Rectifier, Full Wave Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier, Rectifiers with Capacitive and Inductive Filters, Clippers-Clipping at two independent levels, Clamper-Clamping Circuit Theorem, Clamping Operation, Types of Clampers.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus Unit 2


Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): Principle of Operation, Common Emitter, Common Base and Common Collector Configurations, Transistor as a switch, switching times, Transistor Biasing and Stabilization – Operating point, DC & AC load lines, Biasing – Fixed Bias, Self Bias, Bias Stability, Bias Compensation using Diodes.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus Unit 3


Junction Field Effect Transistor (FET): Construction, Principle of Operation, Pinch-Off Voltage, Volt- Ampere Characteristic, Comparison of BJT and FET, Biasing of FET, FET as Voltage Variable Resistor. Special Purpose Devices: Zener Diode Characteristics, Voltage Regulator. Principle of Operation – SCR, Tunnel diode, UJT, Varactor Diode.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus Unit 4

Analysis and Design of Small Signal Low Frequency BJT Amplifiers: Transistor Hybrid model, Determination of h-parameters from transistor characteristics, Typical values of h- parameters in CE, CB and CC configurations, Transistor amplifying action, Analysis of CE, CC, CB Amplifiers and CE Amplifier with emitter resistance, low frequency response of BJT Amplifiers, effect of coupling and bypass capacitors on CE Amplifier.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus Unit 5


FET Amplifiers: Small Signal Model, Analysis of JFET Amplifiers, Analysis of CS, CD, CG JFET Amplifiers. MOSFET Characteristics in Enhancement and Depletion mode, Basic Concepts of MOS Amplifiers.


Electronic Devices and Circuits course objectives:

  • To introduce components such as diodes, BJTs and FETs.
  • To know the applications of components.
  • To know the switching characteristics of components
  • To give understanding of various types of amplifier circuits

Electronic Devices and Circuits course outcomes:

  • Know the characteristics of various components.
  • Understand the utilization of components.
  • Understand the biasing techniques
  • Design and analyze small signal amplifier circuits.

Electronic Devices and Circuits reference books:

    1. Electronic Devices and Circuits- Jacob Millman, McGraw Hill Education.
    2. Electronic Devices and Circuits theory– Robert L. Boylestead, Louis Nashelsky, 11th Edition, 2009, Pearson.
    3. The Art of Electronics, Horowitz, 3rd Edition Cambridge University Press
    4. Electronic Devices and Circuits, David A. Bell – 5th Edition, Oxford.
    5. Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveforms –J. Millman, H. Taub and Mothiki S. Prakash Rao, 2Ed., 2008, Mc Graw Hill.

Scoring Marks in Electronic Devices and Circuits Syllabus


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