Chemistry – R18 – JNTUH Important Questions

Chemistry – R18 – JNTUH Important Questions

Engineering Chemistry Important Questions


Engineering Chemistry is one of the most easiest subject in Btech once you understand its importance. In the above document we have gone through several previous year question papers to come up with an super short and effective list of all Engineering Chemistry Important Questions.

These questions are from the following units: 

  1.  Molecular structures and theories of bonding
  2. Water and Its Treatment
  3. Electrochemistry and Corrosion
  4. Stereochemistry, Reaction Mechanism and synthesis of Drug Molecules
  5. Stereoscopic Techniques and Applications
All the above units are from Engineering Chemistry for Btech and have been carefully analysed to form the above list of Engineering Chemistry Important Questions. 
Currently the Engineering Chemistry Subject has been allocated to all First Year students of Btech and is a mandatory subject. This subject can be a scoring subject if a student understands the specifics of what to learn. 

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