Vue Js Fundamentals Course

Vue Js Fundamentals Course

Vue Js Fundamentals Course


Vue JS is the hottest framework in the market. Developers are jumping ships from React and Angular to learn Vue JS.

Already overtaking React in terms of Github Stars, Vue is more than giving the giants like React and Angular a run for their money. With each year, Vue gets more and more popular and the adoption rate keeps going through the roof.

If you are beginner developer who is planning on learning Vue JS. This is the perfect time for learn the framework.
This course does not require you to know React nor Angular, and I guarantee you that you will learn it way quickly than you can learn any of the other two frameworks.
We cover all these topics with detailed practical examples that can help you while building your own Web – App using Vue JS.

Why This Course?

This is the perfect course for any beginner stepping into the territory of Vue JS

Inside the course we cover – 

  • Front- End Framework Fundamentals

  • Virtual DOM

  • Vue Instance

  • Vue CDN

  • Data Properties

  • Vue CLI

  • Method Properties

  • Computed Properties

  • Data Binding

  • Two- Way Data Binding

  • Events

  • Event Modifiers

  • Mouse and Keyboard Events

  • Watch Properties

  • Components

  • Conditional Rendering

  • Props

  • Custom Events

  • Looping the template

  • Life Cycle Hooks

  • Mixins

  • Vue – Router

  • Dynamic Navigation

  • Programatic Navigation

  • How to look for Jobs with Vue JS

Who is this course for?
This Course is for Everyone interested in Frontend Development and Major JavaScript Frameworks
This Course is for you if you want to create Reactive Applications, which run in the Browser
This Course is for students who are looking to remove boilerplate and get to the exciting parts real quick.
Who this course is for:
Beginner Web Developers wanting to learn a super-efficient Framework.




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