[ CSE ] Computer Science Engineering – Digital All In One – [ 1 – 1 ]

[ CSE ] Computer Science Engineering – Digital All In One – [ 1 – 1 ]

[ CSE ] Computer Science Engineering – Digital All In One – [ 1 – 1 ]

C.S.E - Digital All In One | First Year | First Semester


This Exam Pack Contains Study Material, Lecture Notes, Important Questions and Previous Year Question Papers for the Following Subjects and Topics: 

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Mathematics - 1


1. Matrices

2. Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors

3. Sequences & Series

4. Calculus

5. Multi – Variable Calculus

Engineering Chemistry


1. Molecular Structures and Theories of Bonding

2. Water & Its Treatment

3. Electrochemistry & Corrosion

4. Stereochemistry, Reaction Mechanism & Synthesis of Drug Molecules

5. Stereoscopic Techniques and Applications

Basics of Electrical Engineering


1. DC Circuits

2. AC Circuits

3. Transformers

4. Electrical Machines

5. Electrical Installations

Learn Engineering From The Experts

Sample Videos

Learn Engineering From The Experts

Learn Engineering Chemistry - BTECH

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